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We are a passionate hosting company. We love what we do and that passion is about building the best agile global infrastructure for your business.

Sometimes its about building a solution on a budget and we can do that, too. We believe that our client relationships are just as important as providing successful solutions for your hosting tech.

If you don't love your hosting company, it's not ServerCloud.


It takes something special to guarantee 99.999% uptime. Its not just extra digits, its the real life dedication to superior technology that ServerCloud embodies every day.

Global Content Delivery

Deliver content fast from data centers around the world. All plans include full integration and ongoing support. High volume plans available.

  • Dozens of Global POPs
  • 80% Cache Hit Ratio
  • Unlimited Domains
  • Includes Origin Shield
  • Content Protection

Virtual Private Servers

VPS plans using the fastest AMD processors and highest throughput Enterprise Gen4 NVMe storage.

  • 2 to 128 Cores
  • 4 to 250GB RAM
  • 50-500GB NVMe Storage
  • 300 megabit to 1 Gigabit
  • Unlimited Bandwidth

Object Storage

Seamlessly store millions of files without the limitations of traditional storage.

  • Simple Pricing
  • Scales Instantly
  • FREE Ingress Traffic
  • Lowest Egress Cost
  • Sync Buckets Effortlessly
  • High Performance IOPS

ServerCloud Guarantees

Our concierge service is for customers who want headache-free managed hosting, beyond just providing a competitive price.
Lots of hosting companies offer support. What ServerCloud offers is a top-tier managed hosting solution. With us you do not need to hire expensive techs because we are the tech team you've always dreamed of. We work proactively with our superior knowledge to avoid problems before they happen, including keeping your business online and available and free from the latest software vulnerabilities and exploits.

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