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Object Storage

Whether you need it COLD, WARM, or HOT…
ServerCloud has all flavors of object storage. Delivered flexibly with fast deployment and transparent pricing, we have the scalable object storage services your business requires.

Our Industry Leading $1 Hot Storage Plan* Includes:

  • 200 Gigabytes of Hot Tier Object Storage
  • 10 Terabytes of Noction Optimized Data Transfer
  • Add’l Storage $.013-$.015 per GB
  • Add’l Transfer $.0025-$.0085 per GB

*$1 per month, can be cancelled at any time. This validates identity, term acceptance, an active ability to pay, and avoids network abuse. Pricing graduates automatically, clients always pay the lowest price.

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Finally Enjoy Storage That Makes Sense:
Hot, CDN Enabled, Infrequent & Cold Tiers

ServerCloud created really smart storage options so that customers can choose a plan that truly suits their needs. Unlike other cloud storage providers, you won’t find hidden egress fees or need to analyze complex price matrices to understand what your total cost of usage will be. With ServerCloud you really can have the best price, reliability and uncompromisingly high performance. All storage tiers are accessible with our fully functional S3 compatible object gateway. Our storage is easy to use, your pricing automatically graduates to lower rates based dynamically on your usage so there is no need to over-purchase, clients always receive the best rate. ServerCloud doesn’t charge for inbound bandwidth and the first tier of egress transfer is always FREE.

Option #1: The Hot Storage Tier

If you are operating a public facing web site and require your data available as quickly as possible directly from object storage, with or without an outside content delivery network, and without the use of ServerCloud’s CDN, this is for you. Understanding your Hot Storage costs are easy at ServerCloud. Get billed for actual storage in use and bandwidth transferred, not other request metrics like competitors.

Hot Storage Costs

Product: “HOT1” Everyone Starts Here
Includes 200GB Hot Storage and 10TB Transfer for $1.00
(Amazon gives 195GB less Storage and 9.9TB less Transfer)

Next 49.8TB Stored – $0.015 per GB
(34.79% less! Amazon cost $0.023 per GB)

Next 450TB Stored – $0.014 per GB
(36.37% less! Amazon cost $0.022 per GB)

Over 500TB Stored – $0.013 per GB
(38.10% less! Amazon cost $0.022 per GB)

Hot Transfer Costs 90-100% Less

This is not a typo and there are no “gotcha” moments at ServerCloud. Enjoy incredibly fast network speeds with our premium networking that uses Noction Routing Intelligence at up to 95% off the cost of Amazon Web Services.

First 10TB Transfer – ABSOLUTELY FREE!
(100.00% less! Amazon cost $0.09 per GB)
$900 in savings PER MONTH over Amazon!

Next 40TB Transfer – $0.0085 per GB
(90% less! Amazon cost $0.085 per GB)

Next 100TB Transfer – $0.007 per GB
(90% less! Amazon cost $0.07 per GB)

Next 350TB Transfer – $0.005 per GB
(90% less! Amazon cost $0.05 per GB)

Next 500TB Transfer – $0.004 per GB
(92% less! Amazon cost $0.05 per GB)

> 1PB Transfer – $0.0025 per GB
(95% less! Amazon cost $0.05 per GB)

Option #2: ServerCloud CDN Enabled Storage Tier

Most commercial web sites use an ancillary global content delivery network, commonly referred to as the acronym CDN. If you use a CDN other than ServerCloud’s CDN, Option #1 is probably your correct choice. If you have done your research and already know that the best choice of CDN is ServerCloud’s, our CDNSTOR1 is the perfect storage tier for you. When all of your content is accessible via ServerCloud CDN, there are NO INGRESS or EGRESS bandwidth transfer costs from your storage bucket. Pay only for CDN data transfer costs, of course. You’ll really enjoy the blazing fast performance of ServerCloud CDN. Our CDN has ans awesome FREE tier of bandwidth and beats the pricing of other CDNs such as Amazon Cloudfront and CloudFlare.

CDN Tier Storage Costs

Product: “CDNSTOR1” Everyone Starts Here
Includes 100GB CDN Storage and Unlimited CDN Transfer for $1.00

Next 49.9TB Stored – $0.0125 per GB
(45.66% less! Amazon cost $0.023 per GB)

Next 450TB Stored – $0.0125 per GB
(43.19% less! Amazon cost $0.022 per GB)

Over 500TB Stored – $0.0125 per GB
(40.48% less! Amazon cost $0.021 per GB)

Data Transfer to ServerCloud CDN is 100% FREE!

Yes, you read that right. Pay only for the traffic served through ServerCloud’s CDN at the appropriate, graduated usage tier’s discounted pricing. ServerCloud CDN is 90% less expensive than Amazon CloudFront in every region. Honestly, everyone’s web site should serve all content with ServerCloud CDN. Not just because it’s cheaper than serving from most other cloud’s native object storage, but because it helps your web presence to be infinitely scalable at cost-effective rates ranging from $0.01-$0.001 per GB of transfer in North America & European regions. SEE OUR CDN PAGE FOR MORE DETAILS

Option #3: The Infrequent Storage Tier

Enjoy free egress data transfer up to 2TB or the GB you have stored, whichever is greater. This is perfect for the company who has a lot of data and needs to access it infrequently, either publicly or privately, requires low latency access, and expects their egress transfer to be similar to their total GB stored. Your data can be publicly accessible, if desired. Use of this storage bucket as an origin to “feed” any CDN is prohibited in any instance where the ratio of GB data storage to GB egress transfer is greater than 1:1. At the discretion of ServerCloud, clients deemed to have disruptive traffic patterns, as defined by those harmful to the health of the underlying cluster within the Infrequent Storage Tier, will be warned to correct usage or moved to Hot Storage Tier, if necessary. Customers abusing the Infrequent Storage Tier as hot storage will be first warned to correct usage before being asked to move to Hot Storage.

There is no charge for ingress data transfer. Infrequent storage includes the greater of either 2,000GB egress data transfer or GB egress data transfer equal to data stored and a reasonable overage rate that won’t keep you up at night.

Infrequent Storage Costs

Product: “IFREQ1” Everyone Starts Here
Includes 200GB Infrequent Storage and 2TB Transfer for $1.00

> 200GB Stored – $0.0055 per GB
(66% less! Amazon cost $0.0125 per GB)
(6.78% less! Wasabi cost $0.059 per GB)

Infrequent Transfer Costs up to 100% Less

Up to 2TB Transfer or <=TB Stored – ABSOLUTELY FREE!
(100% less! Amazon is $0.01 per GB)
(0-100% less! Wasabi is $0.04 per GB transferred > GB Stored)

> of 2TB Transfer or >TB Stored – $0.01 per GB
(100% savings first 2TB, Amazon costs $0.01 per GB)
(75% less! Wasabi costs $0.04 per GB)

Option #4: The Coldest Storage Tier

Enjoy completely FREE ingress and FREE egress on your backup and archival storage. Public access to this data is not allowed. This is a perfect cost-effective backup and archival storage solution. This is appropriate for clients who write new data frequently, but rarely or never require access to it. When you do require download access for an event such as data restoration, you can rely on ServerCloud to deliver high throughput in your time of need. Abuse of Cold Storage will result in a warning with an opportunity to explain or remedy usage before being terminated or moved to a more appropriate storage tier.

Cold Storage Costs

Product: “COLD1” Everyone Starts Here
Includes 300GB of Cold Storage and FREE Transfer for $1.00

> 300GB Stored – $0.0035 per GB
(12.5% less! Amazon Glacier Instant costs $0.004 per GB)
(2.78% less! Amazon Glacier Flexible cost $0.036 per GB)
(40.68% less! Wasabi cost $0.0059 per GB)

Cold Storage Transfer is FREE

Unlimited Transfer – ABSOLUTELY FREE!
(100% less! Amazon Glacier Instant is $0.03 per GB)
(100% less! Amazon Glacier Flexible is $0.03 per GB)
(0-100% less! Wasabi is $0.04 per GB transferred > GB Stored)

General Performance SCI Icon - Dark blue cloud with arrows icon with electric blue gradient

— Includes —
200GB Storage
10TB Transfer

— Storage Costs —
Next 49.8TB:
Next 450TB: $0.014/GB
Over 500TB: $0.013/ GB

— Transfer Costs —
First 10TB:
Next 40TB: $0.0085/GB
Next 100TB: $0.007/GB
Next 350TB: $0.005/GB
Next 500TB: $0.004/GB
Over 1PB: $0.0025/GB


— Includes —
100GB Storage
Unlimited Transfer

— Storage Costs —

— Transfer Costs —


— Includes —
200GB Storage
2TB Transfer

— Storage Costs —
$0.005 per GB

— Transfer Costs —
Up to 2TB:
<= TB Stored: FREE!
>2TB: $0.01 per GB


— Includes —
300GB Storage
Unlimited Transfer

— Storage Costs —

— Transfer Costs —

Understand the real costs of Wasabi & Others

You’ll find out the hard way some bandwidth is free and other bandwidth is not. At some providers, you will get punished like a child with a hand in the cookie jar for “transferring” more than you store. How much more? At Wasabi, $0.04 per GB of transfer is 470% more than ServerCloud charges per GB in its Hot Storage Tier. In fact, ServerCloud’s first 10,000GB of free transfer is worth $400 per month when compared against some Wasabi use cases. All of a sudden, .0059 per GB of data stored isn’t such a great deal when one analyzes total cost of ownership when data transferred is greater than the amount of gigabytes stored.

Last, but certainly not least, is Wasabi’s data retention policy which states that stored files charged for a minimum of 3 months. This means that files used temporarily or for short durations of time will cost you a minimum of 3 months storage fee, even if they are in use less than 30 days. ServerCloud doesn’t charge any of these fees, and in fact, data can be written and deleted with a calendar month is essentially free. Wasabi and companies with similar fee structures can be a good choice for those who transfer less data than they store. If this is true for you, in the ServerCloud product lineup we recommend looking at our Infrequent Storage Tier which costs less than Wasabi to store data, has a generous free storage tier, and charges a low rate for egress transfer in excess of GB stored.

We give Storej.IO tremendous credit for being so honest and transparent. They have a low price to store data of $.004 per GB and data transfer fees $0.07 per GB. If this fits a usage profile of almost no data transfer, it’s a great deal. Storej’s transfer cost is 823% higher than ServerCloud. This doesn’t even count ServerCloud’s first  10TB. A first 10,000GB of transfer would cost approximately $700 at Storj, something to seriously consider when calculating the total cost of your own solution.

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