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ServerCloud offers cloud hosted technologies with expert technical support to companies of all sizes across it’s global infrastructure.

Free Your Bandwidth

1 Gigabit per Second (yes, 324TB/Month!) FREE cloud computing bandwidth. ServerCloud Frees Your Bandwidth

Cloud Computing

Photo of Server Cloud logo in office

SCI cloud computing resources on demand to scale your business using AMD technology with the best compute, storage, and networking.

1 – 128 vCPUs
2 – 250GB RAM
100GB – 32TB NVMe
Instant Provisioning
1-100 Gigabit Networking
Free 1 Gbps Transfer

Cloud GPUs

Photo of GPUs
Leverage powerful ServerCloud Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) resources for AI, deep learning, encoding and live streaming.

Fast Provisioning
Multiple Locations
Hourly & Monthly Plans
Nvidia & AMD GPUs
1-100 Gigabit Networking
Free 1 Gbps Transfer

Object Storage

Photo of Server Cloud data center

Seamlessly store millions of files in ServerCloud’s S3 compatible hot and cold object storage.

Simple Pricing
Scales Instantly
MULTIPLE Speed Tiers
FREE Ingress Traffic
Lowest Egress Cost
Sync Buckets Effortlessly
High IOPS, High Throughput

Managed Kubernetes

Photo of Virtual Private Servers with Kubernetes logo overlaying
Deploy and scale containerized apps with a fully managed and cost-effective service from ServerCloud.

Design Expertise
High Performance
Resource Efficiency
Automation Benefits
Immutable Resilience
Free 1 Gbps Transfer

Virtual Private Servers

Photo of a woman pushing an illustrated button representing VPS IaaS

VPS Infrastructure-as-a-Service. Wholesale VPS for web hosts and organizations with their own IT staff. Fastest AMD CPUs, Gen4 NVMe.

1 – 32 vCPUs
3.75 – 120GB RAM
100GB – 7TB NVMe
Instant Provisioning
1-10 Gigabit Networking
Up to 5 Gbps Free Transfer

Content Delivery Network

Illustration of global connectivity

Deliver unlimited content from data centers around the world using CDN. Best no-haggle public price tiers for low to high 100PB+ volumes.

Dozens of Global POPs
Highest Cache Hit Ratio
Unlimited Domains
Includes Origin Shield
Content Protection
Free Integration & Support

Private Cloud

Photo of cloud servers

ServerCloud designs, deploys, monitors, and expertly manages custom cloud environments. #FreeYourBandwidth

Free Consult & Analysis
Lower Your TCO
True Design Expertise
Dedicated Cloud IaaS
10s to 1000s of Nodes
1-100 Gigabit Networking

Software Licensing

Photo of a man pushing an illustrated button representing licensing

ServerCloud has Software Provider Licensing Agreements with the following companies to make client deployments fast and easy.

Microsoft Licensing
Ant Media Server

Wowza Media Server
Direct Admin

Managed Services

Photo of a man pushing an illustrated button representing managed services

Variety of Managed Services to support small, medium and large organizations. Engage the support you require with Basic, Advanced, and Comprehensive options.

24/7/365 Availability
Design, Deploy, Migrate
Advanced Monitoring
Complete Management
Senior System Admin Talent

ServerCloud Guarantees

Our concierge service is for customers who want headache-free managed hosting, beyond just providing a competitive price. Lots of hosting companies offer support. What ServerCloud offers is a top-tier managed hosting solution. With us you do not need to hire expensive techs because we are the tech team you’ve always dreamed of. We work proactively with our superior knowledge to avoid problems before they happen, including keeping your business online and available and free from the latest software vulnerabilities and exploits.

Circular icon showing contract and pen on royal blue and aqua background

Money Back Guarantee

Circular icon showing person holding phone on royal blue and aqua background

24/7/365 Live Support

Circular icon showing servers on royal blue and aqua background

Fastest Gen4 NVME Storage

Circular icon showing clouds and servers on royal blue and aqua background

Cloud Hosting Technology

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